May 30, 2010

Smelling the flowers!

At the end of the last post, I was on the verge of watching `Ip Man 2’. I have to say that, contrary to the opinion of my students, it was a great disappointment compared to `Ip Man’! Action buffs might have loved seeing Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen balancing on half-tables and watching American boxing being thrashed by Chinese martial arts, but what about some depth?
Despite that, my wing chun journey continues. Yesterday’s training session required me to stand on one leg (`dan kiok’ in Cantonese) with the other knee raised to hip level, for 105 seconds, four times for each leg. As my face changed colour and my spirit flagged, my sifu came along and said, “Buns of steel”… as if that goal could take away the pain! I have a funny feeling that the next training session will require holding the stance for even longer…
There is no Parliamentary sitting in June, which is a nice break especially after the last two hectic sittings (April and May) where the debates were on changes to the electoral system (more NCMPs, cooling off period) and the revamp of the Criminal Procedure Code (an area of my professional interest). The long weekend was a welcome social extravaganza, catching up with friends from secondary school, university, church etc. Today was spent re-hashing some familiar culinary recipes, served to an undemanding audience of party members who were mobilized as kitchen hands too:

By this time next week, I’ll be heading towards the airport for a study trip to Belgium and France. Besides being briefed and updated on the European Union and European Parliament, I’ll be making a personal side trip to the Ardennes Forest – yes, to visit the World War 2 Battle of the Bulge sites. Such a pilgrimage is a small tribute to the young men sent to fight, under good leaders and bad, for a better world.